Real Wedding Wednesday – Ashley + Michael

As promised, Ashley and Michael’s Wedding story is featured on our blog today for Real Wedding Wednesday! Ashley and Michael’s Wedding was a roller coaster of emotions!  It’s a bit long, but I can guarantee it’s well worth it!  Read below, see the pictures and watch the video below to find out what happened!

Ashley and Michael were the most organized couple ever.  Bins, labels, spreadsheets, charts, lists, they had done it all!

This wedding was bound to be gorgeous with lots of super cute DIY accents.  A Thank You Sign made by the groom’s company (Innovative Signs Vinyl Graphics), menu cards, fans and crackers were also created by them.

Ashley and Michael’s theme was the “perfect pear” and they definitely fit the bill.  Real pears adorned the head table, receiving line tables and some were cut and put into vases for the centerpieces.

Three weeks before they were set to get married the Bride’s mother fell super ill. With no warning, she was admitted into Critical Care at Oshawa General Hospital. With one week to go before the wedding she was finally out of CC, but still in the hospital trying to get better so she could see her daughter get married. Unfortunately, although she was feeling better, the mother decided it would be better if she stayed in and didn’t attend the wedding. She did not want to be the “center of attention” on her daughter’s big day.

The wedding day approached and all was good. The hall was working with us to help create the dream reception, everything was set in place.The family decided that the Mother of the Bride would be Skyped in.  An Aunt and Uncle of the bride stayed with the mother to watch the ceremony on Skype in the hospital.

On the day of the wedding the Groom had the limo stop at Oshawa General Hospital to see the Mother of the Bride.  He presented her with her corsage.  Heather (Mother of Bride) nor Ashley knew the guys were going to do this!  The groomsmen documented this in a video on an iPhone.

The wedding took place at Black Creek Pioneer Village.  It was a carefully selected venue by the bride who had always dreamed of getting married in the small chapel on site and having her reception there.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. When the bridesmaids (mostly sisters) were walking down the aisle, they winked and waved at the camera.  The mother was mentioned by the Officiant, Andrew McGregor (All Seasons Officiants).  The bride fought back tears while walking down the aisle with her Father who she high-fived once they got to the alter.  Before the ceremony started – Ashley and Michael waved and smiled to her.

The ceremony was over; the bride and groom got the reveal of the reception room.  They were in absolute love!  Everything had been pulled together by Morganley Weddings & Events team of professional wedding coordinators.  It looked exactly and ever better than they pictured it would have!  There were hundreds of mason jars around the room created the twinkle and set to make the room romantic for dinner. Centerpieces consisted of pear halves in a vase with bunches of hydrangeas, so simple, but so beautiful!

The mother of the bride was walked around the property of Black Creek Pioneer Village by webcam attached to her husband’s hand.  Guests were able to say hi to her, and she was able to experience firsthand the photos with the bridal party.

The reception started at last, bridal party entrances, first dance of the couple, speeches were well underway.  One of the bride’s older sisters gave her speech in form of a song to the tune of “American Pie” by Don McLean.  It was a story about how Ashley and Michael met and their years to come.  Ashley’s younger sister made her speech and ended it with a personal letter to Ashley and Michael from Ashley’s mom.  The DJ had everyone up on their chairs during dinner dancing – it was all set to be a fabulous night!

Once the main course was served, the power partially went out. The DJ’s speakers didn’t have enough “juice” but his laptop, lights and everything else still had power. He had to run an extension cord from the reception room to the men’s bathroom in order for them to semi-work – everything was heard, but with a bit of static.

At this time, the hall came to me and said that we would need to be evacuated in 30 minutes because the power was out and the fire department would be there soon.

I notified the bride and groom and suggested we do their cake cutting, speech and father daughter dance before we needed to evacuate.  They made their cake cutting, but could tell on their faces that something was wrong – they were trying to be happy.  We were half way through the Groom’s Speech when security from Black Creek came in and yelled at the bride and groom to get out now.  Groomsmen had to hold back Bridesmaids from hurting the guy.   All of the guests cheered and the groom finished his speech, continuing with, “we’ve had our up’s and down’s”, while glaring at the security guard.

Just as Ashley was about to start her speech, I had a Fire Chief telling me we needed to evacuate now, that the transformer had caught on fire and the building could combust at any minute.

Unfortunately (and I hope it’s something I never need to do again), I had to interrupt the Bride who was 2 lines into her speech and calmly say, “Ashley, we need to go now. We need to evacuate. We are under strict orders by the Fire Chief, I’m so sorry, but we need to go now…” (You can see her face in the video below when I was telling her this…)

Everyone started to evacuate.  Guests were instructed to grab a gift and take it outside.  Male guests and groomsmen were told to stay behind to help the DJ carry anything upstairs.  Morganley Weddings & Events gathered important wedding items and packed them in boxes to be carried upstairs.  One of the bride’s sisters grabbed the 3 tier cake to carry upstairs and outside.  The cake was set on a bench outside, with a single piece cut out of it by the bride and groom.

Walking outside was like walking into a Wedding Planners Nightmare.  Gifts were scattered all over the parking lot along with the DJs equipment.

The Toronto Fire Department and Toronto Hydro were already outside, with their sirens and lights on.

The videographer, Thomas K Weddings, started to take videos of everyone outside, it looked like a news station doing a report for the 11:00 news.

Here we were 100 people in the parking lot… A groomsmen had brought his guitar, which was previously used in the bridesmaids song speech.  The bridal party and guests started singing. What else could they do?

At one point the groom started to play “Grow Old With You” by Adam Sandler on the guitar while the bride sang the lyrics.  At the very end of the video you will hear her say “Build you a fire if the furnace breaks…or transformer!” leaving everyone in roaring laughter.

After being left with no answer or solutions by Black Creek, after an hour and a half we were able to go to the back patio.  The DJ hooked up a makeshift DJ system with one speaker and a laptop.  About 70% of the guests stayed to continue the party with the bride and groom.

When I was walking to the patio, I was walking with the bride’s father; he asked me, “So what’s going to happen now?”  I told him not to worry, that we would get everything sorted out, just try to enjoy the rest of what’s left of the night.  He asked, “Can I please just dance with my daughter?” This brought tears to my eyes.  I informed the DJ that the Father of the Bride would like to dance with his daughter, and they had the most memorable dance.  I will never forget the moment or the song they danced to “I Loved Her First” by Heartland.

My assistant and I served Ginger Ale and water (it was the only thing the hall offered us).  We cut the damaged and melting cake with a rubber mixing spatula – you can imagine how neat those slices were – served on Styrofoam plates with plastic spoons, not even a fork!

This was the hardest wedding I’ve ever had to get through.  As if the bride and groom weren’t handed enough with the mother in hospital, they had to deal with a horror of a night.   They handled it like troopers.

If it wasn’t for the DJ who told me “I’ll go wherever they want to go”, this party would have been over by 9:30pm. The DJ had the dance floor on the patio packed from 11pm-1am and everyone sang and danced the night away.

Even though their perfect wedding was cut short by unforeseen circumstances, this couple handled it like champions. They made the best of what was handed to them.

The bride kept saying to me and messaged me the next morning, “That’s fine, don’t worry! It was out of anyone’s control. But we’re having another reception, and you and your girls will be there and so will my mom!”

The bride and groom later had a “Wedding Reception Version 2.0” in December of the same year.  The bride’s mother was able to attend, a DJ was hired, catering ordered, and they were able to have their friends and family over to celebrate their love for each other.

Their video can be seen below post

Wedding Coordinator: Morganley Weddings & Events
Photographer: Winding Violets
Videographer: Thomas K Weddings
DJ: Maximum Entertainment
Musicians for Ceremony: Apollo Strings Duo
Florist: The Little Flower Shop
Cake: I-Cakes
Limo: Lux Limo
Officiant: All Seasons Wedding Officiants

Love On Fire – Ashley & Michael

Ashley and Michael have a very special wedding story.  They got married at Black Creek Pioneer Village on August 27, 2011.  A fire brought their reception to a halt, but didn’t stop their love for each other!

Watch the video, captured by Thomas K Weddings, on Sash & Satin’s Blog!
Full blog post, story and photos to follow on Sash and Satin!

Ladies, Will you propose on Leap Day?

February 29, 2012…ahh leap day!

For some, like any Friday the 13th, today is considered unlucky.

However, for some women wishing their guy would just propose already, it’s their lucky day!  In some cultures, it is considered acceptable and tradition for a woman to propose marriage to her guy on Leap Day February 29.

Unlucky for the guy, if he declines, then he is obligated to give the woman money or buy her a dress! In upper-class Europe, if the man refuses marriage, he then must purchase 12 pairs of gloves for the woman.  The gloves are to hide the woman’s embarrassment of not having an engagement ring.  In Ireland, the tradition is supposed to originate from a deal that Saint Bridget struck with Saint Patrick.

So ladies, will you pull an Amy Adams and propose to your guy on Leap Day?

Come Visit Us @ The Ajax/Pickering Wedding Show 2012!

I’m sure you’re wondering what just plain old fire wood has to do with this post and Morganley Weddings & Events

Come on out to the Ajax Pickering Wedding Show put on by the Ajax/Pickering News Advertiser next weekend to find out how we incorporate the firewood into our booth!

We’re so excited for our booth design!   Annie Lane Inc. has helped us for the past few months to come up with the design and execute the look!

Morganley Weddings & Events is proud and excited to be joining this show for the first time.

The show runs from 11am-5pm on Sunday February 26, 2012 at the Ajax Convention Centre at Hwy 401 and Salem Road.

Be sure to stop by, we’re booth #52, right near the fashion show stage!

See you there!

~Morganley Weddings & Events

New Years Eve Weddings

Think of the glamour, the glitter and the sparkle!  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have or attend a New Years Eve Wedding?   Would your friends and family love that you gave them something interesting and fun to do on New Years?  Or would they be resent you for “choosing” for them?  

Morganley Weddings & Events, think that a New Years Eve Wedding would be a perfect way to start your new life together, after all, it’s a New Year! 

So where to start….

First, we suggest that you send out Save The Date cards at least 6 months before December 31.  This will give people enough time to mark it on their calendars and plan for your wedding!  This is also the first impression you will make of your wedding, make it match the entire theme of your New Years Eve Wedding.  Your invitations will match this and so will everything at your wedding.   For the sake of this blog, we’ve sourced black, gold and pops of silver to be the theme colours.

I LOVE this invite!  The font is my favourite, but it’s fun, personal and you can tell from this Save The Date how much fun the couple is and gives you a feel of how fun their wedding might be.

The actual invitation would be sent out 2 months before the wedding and have the same feeling, colours and font. 

As for the decor at the venue, why not have it dripping in sequins, crystals and gold?  Centerpieces could be old clocks, with lots of bling and candles to give it a romantic feel.   Gold chiavaris and gold charger plates would also help to create this look.

As the bride, you could get married in a traditional white wedding gown, but then change into a stunning, sparkly party dress, like this one from BCBGMAXAZRIA.

Guests could be welcomed to the reception with a guest book time capsule.  Have guests write on 3×4 inch paper that will be placed into an apothecary jar for reading on the couples’ one year anniversary.    New Years Eve favours such as hats, gold beads, tiaras and noise makers can be passed around just before midnight.   Of course, champagne will also be served at this time. 

Fireworks or mini sparklers would be a perfect ending to this night.  Sparklers can be handed out to guests as they head outside for the Newlywed’s Departure!

What about displaying this at your wedding? 

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

– Morganley Weddings & Events


Real Wedding Wednesday – Camille & Ryan

Camille and Ryan were married in September 2009.  I actually met Camille in a scrapbooking aisle at Walmart!   She was looking for a cardstock to match a ribbon, so that she could make her own invitations.   We got to talking and in a week or so, I met with her fiancé Ryan (who, by coincidence, I went to elementary and highschool with him and his brother). 

Camille & Ryan

Camille was a big DIY bride!  Everything needed to be and was perfect!  She made her on invitations, cardbox and designed her own wedding cake to be made by someone else.

They got married at a church in Ajax followed by a reception at Le Parc Conference and Banquet Center.  Their colours were pink, pink & more pink! 

Camille & Ryan before the ceremony

Camille and Ryan’s reception was DJ’ed by Ryan’s cousin DJ Navi – he had the entire dance floor packed the entire night! 

I’ll never forget when Camille danced with her dad to “My Girl” by the Temptations!  This is my favourite father/daughter dance song and everytime I hear this song, I still think of Camille dancing with her dad!  (It also reminds me of the classic movie, Father of the Bride, father/daughter scene!)

Hall: Le Parc Conference and Banquet Center
Photographer: 7 Photo & Video
DJ: DJ Navi (Groom’s cousin)

Real Wedding Wednesday – Sandra & Nick

Happy Real Wedding Wednesday!

Today’s featured wedding is Sandra and Nick.   Sandra and Nick hired Morganley for Month of Management services.  I first met Sandra when she was a bridesmaid in Karena & Stan’s wedding. 

Sandra is probably the most organized bride I’ve ever had!  She knew everything she wanted and made it happen and as a result their wedding was gorgeous!

Upon signing with Morganley, Sandra and Nick were told that the week prior to their wedding, their coordinator would be away at a conference with limited phone and email communication.  They were strangely calm about this!  That’s how cool this couple is!  We made sure that all details were completed before the conference.  Doing so made sure that Sandra and Nick had the down time to relax and not think about anything wedding related the week before!

During the time that their coordinator was at the conference, during email communication Sandra had told the coordinator – stop emailing me, go enjoy the beach, everything’s fine!

Sandra and Nick were married at a Catholic Church in Scarborough, ON.  This couple was so thankful and relieved for Morganley to be apart of their day that:

  • the groom thanked me when I sent him down the aisle
  • the groomsmen thanked me when I sent them down the aisle
  • the bridesmaids thanked me when I sent them down the aisle
  • the bride and her parents thanked me, followed by a huge hug from the bride
  • the bride and groom thanked me while coming up the aisle after being married
  • the bride and groom & bridal party along with family members thanked me non-stop throughout the entire wedding day

THAT is what makes me so happy to be a part of someone’s wedding day!  To get something so simple as a thank you, makes you know as a wedding coordinator you’ve done an amazing job at making their day special!

After the ceremony, the bridal party and family were off to Scarborough Golf & Country Club for photos with the amazingly talented and one of my favourite photographers: Leon Chai.

Cocktails and Reception took place Riviera Parque Banquet Convention Centre.  The staff here was so helpful, accommodating and organized!  I even got to sit down with the banquet manager at the end of the night for a little chat.  (How often does a wedding coordinator & banquet manager have time to do that??)  The room was so beautifully and simply decorated by Luxel Decor.  The centerpieces were designed by the bride and groom and created by Morganley’s Wedding Coordinators that day.  The bride and groom were speechless when they walked into the hall for the reveal!  It really was stunning!

The dinner was delicious, the bridal party put together some amazing speeches and the party rocked on into the wee hours of the night by Prodigy Entertainment.

Thank you to Morganley’s assistants, Megan, Janis & Diane and all of the fabulous vendors Sandra and Nick put together to create this perfect day.

Thank you, Sandra and Nick!

Banquet Hall: Riviera Parque Convention Centre
Photo Location: Scarborough Golf & Country Club
Photographer: Leon Chai Photography
DJ: Prodigy Entertainment
Decorator: Luxel Decor
Cake: Jane Thuy Tran